Candidates for a Breast Augmentation

Candidates for a breast augmentation are those in the Longhorn, TX area who are unhappy with their breast size and wish to enlarge them with a surgical breast enhancement procedure. Many women decide to have a breast augmentation with implants due to a loss of volume during pregnancy and breastfeeding, age, weight loss, or if they have naturally smaller breasts. Successful candidates will begin their breast augmentation process with realistic goals in mind for their procedure. Candidates must also be healthy, non-smokers.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

During a breast augmentation procedure in Longhorn, sedation or anesthesia will be used to ensure the patient’s comfort. Incisions will be made where they can be concealed by the natural breast fold or around the areola. Next, a pocket will be made and a saline or silicone implant will be placed, based on what you discussed with your board-certified plastic surgeon during consultation. Once the implants have been placed, the incisions will be closed using sutures. Many patients benefit from a breast augmentation alone or choose to have a breast lift at the same time to remove excess skin and tighten the breast tissue.

Breast Augmentation Recovery and Results

After a breast augmentation in Longhorn, the patient’s incisions will be bandaged and a support bra should be worn to minimize swelling and help with the healing process. Swelling, bruising, and discomfort are normal after a breast augmentation but will subside over the course of the next few weeks. Discomfort can be managed with medication and an icepack. During the first few weeks of recovery, physical activity should be avoided, especially movements that put a strain on the chest area such as pushing, lifting, and pulling. Most patients take the first week off of work to recover at home.

The results of a breast augmentation can be distorted by swelling and redness during the first few weeks of recovery. As you heal, you can begin to notice the true results of your procedure with an increase in breast size and enhanced shape and symmetry. Women also notice an increase in self-confidence after their breast augmentation procedure.

Your Consultation in Longhorn

Your consultation is a time to get to know your surgeon and discuss your concerns and goals when it comes to your plastic surgery procedure. Choosing a surgeon for your breast augmentation is an important decision and can affect the safety and effectiveness of your procedure. If you are in the Longhorn, TX area, you can trust board-certified surgeon Dr. Dallas Homas and Dr. Lisa Brostrom for your breast augmentation. Contact our office today for more information or to schedule your consultation. For more information, visit our blog.

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