There are few plastic surgery practices like the New Image Plastic Surgery in Balcones Heights headed by Dr. Dallas W. Homas. Dr. Homas and his team ensure that each patient gets all the attention before a customized treatment plan is decided. New Image Plastic Surgery has proven to be a center of positive changes for every patient who walks in. Dr. Homas helps his patients achieve their goals with results that are natural and beautiful.

The center offers a range of surgical and non surgical procedures to patients in Balcones Heights. You can choose from body contouring, breast or facial procedures, and the team uses the latest in technology to help you achieve your desired look.

Body surgical procedures

Several life changes are responsible for changing the way your body appears. These changes include your age, genetics, pregnancy or weight loss that leaves people with either sagging excessive skin or stubborn fat deposits or even loss of volume in certain areas of the body. During the extensive consultation, Dr. Homas will understand your goals and evaluate your body and skin to determine the most suitable procedure for you. Patients in Balcones Heights can opt for:

Breast procedures

Breast procedures are the most common cosmetic surgical procedures today. Weight loss, pregnancy, and breastfeeding can bring about drastic changes in the breasts; worse still these changes also affect the self-confidence of a woman. When you talk with Dr. Homas, you will understand what kind of procedure will work the best for you and whether you require implants to change the shape, size or volume of your breasts. Women in Balcones Heights are choosing from these breast procedures.

Surgical procedures for men

Cosmetic surgery is not just meant to help women achieve their desired look. Men have also been choosing these procedures for body sculpting, changing their appearance, hair restoration, facial rejuvenation and reduction of male breasts. An experienced surgeon like Dr. Homas understands that even though the procedures are the same when working with men, the approach needs to be different so that the results are subtle and natural looking. Men in Balcones Heights can benefit from these procedures:

Facial surgery procedures

Facial aging is not just age-related anymore and younger people are noticing that they are losing the youthfulness and definition in their facial features. The team at New Image Plastic Surgery in Balcones Heights will help you identify the problem areas on your face so that one of the available options can be chosen. You could opt for implants to deal with the loss of volume on the cheeks or chin or even change the appearance of your nose. Balcones Heights patients can choose from the following several facial surgical procedures at New Image Plastic Surgery:

Minimally invasive procedures

In addition to the surgical procedures, Dr. Homas also offers select minimally invasive procedures for those who will benefit from them. Some patients do not wish to undergo a surgery while others only require a small correction which can be dealt with a non surgical procedure. Injectable procedures like dermal fillers and neuromodulators can help with filling our wrinkles, volume loss, and fine lines.

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