New Image Plastic Surgery in Leon Valley, TX

New Image Plastic Surgery offers superior services to patients in Leon Valley. Headed by Dr. Dallas W. Homas, our center ensures that each patient gets all the best care before a customized treatment plan is developed to help them achieve their intended results. New Image Plastic Surgery has been a place of positive changes for each of its patients. Dr. Homas has been consistently helping patients achieve beautiful and natural results.

Our practice offers patients from Leon Valley, TX a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures. You can choose from facial, breast, or body contouring procedures to achieve the results you desire. Our team uses the latest in treatments and techniques to help you reach your goals.

Body surgical procedures

There are many life changes which can alter the way your body looks. These changes could be aging, massive weight loss, pregnancy, or simply genetic disposition. Unfortunately, these changes can leave you with stubborn fatty deposits, excessive skin that sags, or volume loss in some areas of your body. During your consultation, Dr. Homas will listen to you patiently to understand your issues before evaluating your body in order to develop a treatment plan with the most suitable procedures. Patients in Leon Valley can choose from the following procedures:

Breast procedures

One of the most common cosmetic procedures today are breast procedures. A woman sees many changes in her breasts throughout her life. Aging, significant weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and breast feeding bring many changes to the shape, size, and volume of your breasts. We understand that breast changes affect your self-confidence as much as it changes your body proportions. A consultation with Dr. Homas will help determine whether you require implants or a combination procedure to achieve your desired breasts. Women in Leon Valley can choose from the following breast procedures:

Surgical procedures for men

Men are increasingly choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance today. Even though their motivation for doing so may be different, they still desire changes like hair restoration, reduction of male breasts, body sculpting, and facial rejuvenation. Dr. Homas offers a range of procedures for men which may be the same as those he offers his female patients, but he uses a different technique to ensure men get more natural and subtle results. Men in Leon Valley can benefit from the following surgical procedures:

Facial surgery procedures

More and more young people are struggling with early signs of aging and are actively seeking facial rejuvenation. When the youthful definition of your face seems to be diminishing, our team will help you identify the specific problem areas on your face so that the most suitable procedures can be chosen. Implants in the cheeks and chin can help deal with volume loss, or a surgical procedure can help change the appearance of your neck, brow, and nose. Once you have been through a consultation with our expert team, we will develop a customized treatment plan to help you achieve beautifully natural results. Here are the procedures available at our Leon Valley center:

Minimally invasive procedures

We not only offer surgical procedures, but also certain minimally-invasive procedures for those who do not wish to undergo a surgery or do not qualify for one. If you require a small correction, we can help you achieve it without going under the knife. Neuromodulators and dermal fillers help fill out wrinkles, fine lines, and volume loss. Our center in Leon Valley offers the best in non-surgical procedures and you can choose from the following:

About Leon Valley, TX

Leon Valley is a city located in the Bexar County of Texas. It is an enclave on the northwest of San Antonio and forms a part of the San Antonio-New Braunfels Metropolitan Statistical Area. It was developed in the 1940s as a farming community on Bandera Road between San Antonio and Helotes. In 1954 it was incorporated as an independent city under the leadership of its founding mayor, Raymond Rimkus, since the residents did not want to be annexed by San Antonio.