Breast augmentation is one of the most requested types of plastic surgery. The process involves changing the size and look of the breasts to something more aesthetically pleasing to the patient.

While many women want breast augmentation, not everyone is a candidate. Before any plastic surgeon commits to the procedure, they have to know that you are healthy both physically and mentally. After the successful surgery, there is a healing process. This can be moderately painful. You will have to follow strict instructions after surgery to ensure you get the best results.

Pros and Cons of Saline vs. Silicone Implants

Plastic surgeons use either silicone or saline implants. They both have pros and cons. You and your doctor can determine which best suits your procedure.

Saline implants are the simplest and cause the least number of problems. Doctors place deflated shells inside the breast area after making an incision. The shells are then filled up with saline. These implants tend to be very firm. And if there is a rip, the saline will simply absorb into the skin. While saline implants have a long lifespan, they tend to look more artificial.

Silicone is the most popular but also has the most risks. The shells are filled with silicone then placed inside the breast and placed beneath the skin. While most silicone augmentations are successful, there are times when they can leak or rip. If this happens, it can set up scar tissue, cause pain, or even harden over time. If the implant leaks, it can usually only be caught through an MRI.

While both saline and silicone can be pricey, saline is the cheapest. And insurance does not cover either because the procedure is viewed as cosmetic. In San Antonio, TX, silicone implants could cost anywhere between $5,000 to $7,000; saline implants are about $1,000 less.

Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon

If you decide to have a breast augmentation, you should seek out the best plastic surgeon for the job. Never make assumptions that the individual you seek out is a good doctor. You will need to do a thorough check to ensure that their credentials are up to date and if they are currently under review or suspension.

Sadly, not all doctors are what they are cracked up to be. While the overwhelming majority take the patient’s best interest at heart, you do have some with only dollar signs in their eyes. They will perform sub-par surgeries, leaving the patient injured.

While choosing your plastic surgeon, you should read reviews from previous patients, check their credentials, and look at before-and-after photos. Both Dr. Homas and Dr. Brostrom are board-certified plastic surgeons with years of experience performing successful breast augmentations.

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If you live in Texas, New Image Plastic Surgery is one of the best plastic surgery centers in the state. Board-certified plastic surgeons Dallas W. Homas and Lisa Brostrom have decades of experience and a long list of satisfied patients. They have a team of professionals who offer friendly service and a goal to help you feel good about your body. Call New Image Plastic Surgery today for a consultation.

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