When many people think about who gets plastic surgery, they imagine older adults looking to reverse aging. One significant demographic that pursues plastic surgery, however, is teenagers. Teenagers getting plastic surgery can be controversial, but it might surprise you that board-certified plastic surgeons can and do operate on teenagers regularly. Any experienced plastic surgeon will approach adult patients with thoughtfulness and ethics, and teenagers even more so. Plastic surgery for teenagers is an option but simply requires a different approach. Here’s what to know about it and what your teen can expect during a consultation.


Why Do Teenagers Get Plastic Surgery?

Teens generally get plastic surgery for different reasons than adults. For adults, plastic surgery is a way to make their appearance more reflective of their youthfulness and energy. Additionally, many adults pursue plastic surgery to get rid of flaws or the impact of life events like weight loss or pregnancy. On the other hand, teens tend to pursue plastic surgery to get rid of genetic abnormalities or features that set them apart from their peers. Plastic surgery can give teens greater confidence during a time when it can be incredibly hard to feel like they belong. In these cases, plastic surgery can set teens up for better success in life because they don’t need to worry about negative attention.

Is Plastic Surgery Right for My Teen?

Even if your teenager technically qualifies for plastic surgery, it may not be the right solution (or the right time). Teenagers should still have realistic expectations for their procedure and the right reasons for going through with it. Plastic surgery won’t make your teen look like someone else – rather it will make them look like the best version of themselves. Your teen also shouldn’t pursue plastic surgery for popularity or because they feel pressured by social media or those around them. Make sure to have an open and honest discussion with your teen about their reasons for getting plastic surgery – your plastic surgeon will also ask at length during a consultation. Your teen should feel heard and understood when it comes to their reasoning – if plastic surgery isn’t the solution for your teen, then you should help them explore other options.

It’s also important to determine whether it’s the right time for your teen to have plastic surgery. Most plastic surgery procedures require that your teen be done growing since further development can change their results and require another procedure. There may also be age limits on certain procedures according to your plastic surgeon’s discretion. Finally, most procedures require significant downtime so your teen will need to be able to take time away from school, work, or activities.

What are the Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures For Teens?

There are some plastic surgery procedures that are more common for teens. These include:


Sometimes known as a nose job or nose reshaping, rhinoplasty is one of the most common options for teenagers. It can correct nose abnormalities like a nose that’s too large, crooked, or hooked. It can also correct injuries or genetic defects that cause difficulty breathing like a deviated septum.

Chin augmentation

Chin augmentation can be a good option for teenagers who have a weak chin that does not balance the rest of the facial profile. Teenagers who have issues with their bites may also need to consult a dentist or orthognathic surgeon.

Breast asymmetry

It’s normal to have slight breast asymmetry, but plastic surgery can correct noticeable asymmetry that makes it difficult to shop for clothing, for example. The solution is typically a single implant to make the smaller breast larger, or a breast reduction to make the larger breast smaller.

Breast reduction

Breast reduction can be a good option for teenagers who have unusually large breasts that cause symptoms like pain, breathing difficulties, rash, or problems exercising. It’s also common for teens to receive negative attention for their large breasts, causing emotional distress. Although your teen may need an additional procedure in the future as their breasts continue to grow, it can still help alleviate symptoms and allow them a more active lifestyle.


Gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts, is a common occurrence for boys going through puberty. In most cases, gynecomastia subsides as hormone levels become stable. However, it’s possible for teens to have male breasts into adulthood and face ridicule for them. Gynecomastia surgery can achieve a flatter chest and allow teens to be more comfortable at the beach or pool.

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