Being properly prepared for your breast augmentation is important to ensure successful results, but it can also ease your mind leading up to your procedure. A breast augmentation can change your life for the better! But first, you’ll have to go through your recovery period. Here’s what you can expect from the day after your procedure and beyond.

A Week of Discomfort

Most of your discomfort will occur during your first week of recovery. For the first few days, you can manage your pain with a prescription medication and the use of an ice pack. Wearing your surgical bra can also help to minimize your swelling and increase comfort. The majority of your swelling, bruising, and soreness will be present during this time. You will likely need this week off of work to properly rest and recover at home. The good news is, after this time, your discomfort and side effects should continue to resolve!

Getting Back to Your Routine

After a week of resting and healing, you should be getting back to your normal routine and returning to work. You should still limit your exercise and avoid strenuous activities until your surgeon has given you the okay. Typically, light exercise can be introduced after four weeks and more strenuous activity after six. As your swelling continues to subside during this time, you will start to feel more presentable and get a better idea of what your results will be like.

Experiencing Your Results

After your breast augmentation procedure, you shouldn’t expect to immediately have the enhanced, symmetrical breasts you hoped for. Your healing process takes time and your implants may sit high on the chest at first. Over the next few months, your implants will settle under the breast skin and drop to a more natural position. After this time, you can enjoy your new breasts for many years, but make sure you keep up with regular appointments with your plastic surgeon to check the strength of your implants.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Homas or Dr. Brostrom can go over your exact recovery plan and what you can expect after your procedure. To schedule your consultation, contact New Image Plastic Surgery today.

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