Why Men Choose a Facelift Procedure San Antonio TX

There is a common misconception that only women get plastic surgery, however, this is not the case at all! Men age in many of the same ways that women do and can develop facial wrinkles, folds, and sagging. There’s no reason why men shouldn’t look and feel their best too! Keep reading to find out why many men are choosing to get a facelift.

For a Younger Appearance

Wrinkles can begin to develop as early as your 30s and only get worse with time. Unfortunately, you can’t stop the clock, but you can reverse the effects it has on your appearance. With a facelift, men can achieve a younger look by smoothing out wrinkles and virtually eliminating sagging. A skilled plastic surgeon in San Antonio can give you a significantly younger-looking face while remaining natural. You’ll still look like you, just younger!

For a More Masculine Jawline

Plastic surgery aims to enhance the patient’s unique facial features. For women, that might mean looking more feminine and making certain features appear smaller, but for men, a facelift can create a more masculine appearance. A facelift can achieve this by tightening the underlying tissue in the lower face, creating a stronger, more defined jawline, and improving a double chin.

For Improved Confidence

Confidence plays a huge roll in your personal and professional life. If you’re self-conscious about your appearance, those aspects of your life are sure to be affected in some way. Your face is such an important and noticeable part of your body, so you’ll want to feel happy with the way it looks and the way people view you. A facelift can restore your confidence by taking years off your face and making you look more awake and refreshed, so you can tackle each day with confidence.

Every patient’s concerns and goals are unique, so schedule a consultation with a board-certified surgeon to find out exactly what a facelift could do for you! Contact our office today for a consultation with Dr. Homas or Dr. Brostrom in the San Antonio, TX area.

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