During a consultation with a patient, she expressed her trepidation about re-entering the dating pool after her divorce. After all, with so many people relying on dating apps and sites to reach prospective matches, it’s important now more than ever before that she has a smile that she’s confident to show off.

Although we discussed her treatment options with us at New Image Dentistry to transform her teeth, we had a feeling that she was looking for even more—a true smile makeover. That’s when we suggested that she work with Dr. Dallas Homas at New Image Plastic Surgery. We collaborated and combined our individual fields of expertise to help this patient achieve a more confident, younger-looking smile for her profile photos. Now, she can’t wait to put herself back out there! Those who choose to work with both us and Dr. Homas get to enjoy several unique benefits, which are explained in detail below.

Handle Life Events

Are you going through a game-changing stage in life? Whether you’re trying to reach your dream job or find that special someone, a visually appealing smile can give you the confidence to pursue your goals. Whether you’re going through a significant life change or getting ready for one, cosmetic adjustments either to your face or your teeth can help you look in the mirror and love what you see.

Get the Whole Smile Package

A beautiful smile has so many features that work together to make a lasting impression. Individually, dentists and cosmetic surgeons offer many services that can enhance a patient’s smile. While our dentist San Antonio can ensure flawless-looking teeth through whitening, porcelain veneers, and other cosmetic procedures, Dr. Homas can address other aesthetic issues in the face, such as a lip lift, rhinoplasty, neck lift, and browlift. In fact, did you know that eyelid surgery is in the top five most popular cosmetic surgical procedures for both men and women? It’s amazing how small adjustments here and there can make a huge difference for a patient’s appearance and confidence.

Enjoy Convenience

Patients who visit both New Image Plastic Surgery and New Image Dentistry don’t have to worry about traveling all over town to meet their needs. Without venturing far away from an area or a team you already know, you can receive the services for the perfect smile you want in comfort.

Have a Smoother Experience with Easy Collaboration

Because we work out of the same office, it becomes much simpler for us to work together in the patient’s best interest. For example, if you’re a patient with both New Image Dentistry and New Image Plastic Surgery, we can potentially coordinate your respective treatment schedules in order to give you results on a faster, more efficient timetable. After all, wouldn’t you like to see the final results sooner?

Ultimately, both our team at New Image Dentistry and Dr. Homas at New Image Plastic Surgery share the same dedication to serving the patient, going above and beyond to help them achieve their goals, and delivering exceptional care that exceeds expectations. We love working together to make dreams come true and change patients’ lives for the better!

About the Practice

New Image Dentistry is proud to have a team of five doctors on staff to meet their patients’ diverse needs. Each has a unique background and specialty with years of advanced training and experience. In addition to general dentists, we have a periodontist, oral surgeon, and cosmetic surgeon (Dr. Homas) available in the same office, saving patients time and effort as they work to achieve their best smiles. If you have questions about cosmetic dental procedures, you can contact New Image Dentistry.

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