Although mommy makeovers can be a great way to take charge of your body again, no two mommy makeovers are alike. You’ll be able to work with Dr. Homas to create the procedure that benefits you the most. A mommy makeover can include many different procedures to restore your body, so it’s important to understand what you’d like to change and what results you want. Here are some options you’ll need to consider when choosing to undergo a mommy makeover.


You’ll have many different treatment options when it comes to breasts, because every woman’s body is affected by pregnancy differently. Many women opt for breast reductions due to the growth that can occur during pregnancy. This can sometimes include a breast lift to restore them to a more youthful position. It might also include the use of implants in order to restore the breast profile at the same time as a lift. Whatever your expectations, there’s a way to restore your breasts to the most flattering appearance for you.


You’ll also have many options for restoring your body in different areas. While tummy tucks are very common after pregnancy and childbirth for both their cosmetic results and medical benefits, liposuction can also be a great option to remove stubborn fat in the thighs, hips, back, and pelvic area. This can be especially difficult for patients due to the way that the body stores fat during pregnancy, making it nearly impossible to remove through diet and exercise. Many women also undergo vaginal rejuvenation, which can improve the vaginal laxity that can occur during childbirth.

The Details

A mommy makeover has no strict set of rules. It can also include procedures of the face or even non-surgical options if you’re looking to rejuvenate your whole look. An injectable or skin treatment can easily be included to further enhance the new you that’s underway. Dr. Homas can help you create the best treatment plan for you and guide you through your options for all of your problem areas.

To schedule a consultation and discuss your mommy makeover options with board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Homas, contact New Image Plastic Surgery to begin your makeover journey.

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