What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation includes a number of surgical procedures, each designed to improve the appearance, function, and sensation of the vagina and surrounding tissues. Patients can enjoy a more refined result by seeking the right approach.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Benefits

Vaginal rejuvenation is the optimal solution to vaginal discomforts with a large range of benefits, including:

  • Alleviate discomfort associated with childbirth or aging
  • Improve sexual satisfaction
  • Boost self-confidence and body image
  • Restore functionality to the genital area

Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures

With a plethora of surgical interventions such as labiaplasty and monsplasty, patients can easily address concerns related to vaginal appearance, function, and sensation. These procedures allow for personalized treatment plans designed to achieve optimal outcomes for each individual:


Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure designed to alter the size or shape of the labia minora or labia majora. It is commonly sought by women who experience discomfort or self-consciousness due to enlarged or asymmetrical labia, which may result from genetics, childbirth, aging, or hormonal changes.

Clitoral Hood Reduction

Clitoral hood reduction is a surgical procedure aimed at reducing excess tissue surrounding the clitoris. The clitoral hood protects the clitoris and provides sensory stimulation, but excess tissue can sometimes cause discomfort or inhibit sexual pleasure. By carefully trimming away excess tissue, hood reduction can improve access to the clitoris and enhance sexual sensation.

Labia Majoraplasty

Women may seek labia majoraplasty to address concerns such as sagging, asymmetry, or excess skin in the labia majora, which can result from factors such as aging, genetics, or weight fluctuations. Labia majoraplasty involves removing excess tissue, tightening the skin, and reshaping the labia majora to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing appearance and improve comfort and confidence.


Monsplasty, also known as mons pubis reduction or mons pubic liposuction, is a surgical procedure aimed at reducing excess fat and tissue in the soft mound of tissue located above the pubic bone. This procedure can enhance the overall appearance of the genital area and improve comfort and confidence, particularly in everyday clothing and intimate situations.

Preparing for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Before the procedure, patients should schedule a thorough consultation to discuss their goals, concerns, and medical history. Patients will receive detailed pre-operative instructions to minimize the risk of complications and optimize results. Additionally, patients should arrange for someone to accompany them home after the procedure and assist with activities of daily living during the initial recovery period.

Results of Vaginal Rejuvenation

Many patients experience significant improvements in vaginal tightness, sensation, appearance, sexual satisfaction, self-esteem, and greater comfort after vaginal rejuvenation. While some changes may be immediately noticeable, final results typically become apparent as swelling subsides and tissues fully heal.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Combination Procedures

Vaginal rejuvenation combination procedures offer a comprehensive approach to addressing multiple concerns and achieving optimal results. By combining techniques such as labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction, and monsplasty with other procedures, Dr. Homas can tailor treatment plans to meet the unique needs and goals of each patient:


Liposuction is a surgical procedure designed to remove excess fat deposits or sculpt and contour the pubic region as part of a comprehensive vaginal rejuvenation plan. Liposuction involves the use of a thin tube called a cannula to suction out fat cells, resulting in a smoother, more sculpted appearance. Liposuction can be combined with other surgical techniques to achieve comprehensive aesthetic goals and enhance the results of vaginal rejuvenation.

Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover is a customizable combination of surgical procedures designed to address the physical changes that occur in women’s bodies after childbirth and breastfeeding. For women seeking vaginal rejuvenation, a mommy makeover incorporates procedures like labiaplasty or clitoral hood reduction to address concerns related to vaginal laxity, appearance, and sensation.

What to Expect From a Vaginal Rejuvenation Consultation

During a vaginal rejuvenation consultation, patients can expect to receive personalized attention and guidance from a qualified surgeon. Dr. Homas will thoroughly evaluate the patient’s anatomy and medical history to determine the most appropriate treatment options—he will also address any questions or concerns the patient may have and provide recommendations for a customized treatment plan.

Labiaplasty FAQs

Why do some women consider labiaplasty?

Some women consider labiaplasty for various reasons, including discomfort or pain caused by enlarged or asymmetrical labia. Factors such as genetics, hormonal changes, childbirth, and aging can contribute to changes in the size, shape, and appearance of the labia, prompting some women to seek surgical intervention to improve their confidence and quality of life.

Are there risks or complications associated with labiaplasty?

Like any surgical procedure, labiaplasty carries potential risks and complications, although they are relatively rare when performed by a skilled and experienced surgeon. Proper pre-operative evaluation, meticulous surgical technique, and post-operative care can help minimize these risks.

How long does it take to see the final results of labiaplasty?

Due to swelling and bruising, the final results of labiaplasty may not be evident immediately after surgery. However, patients can expect noticeable improvements in the appearance and comfort of the labia within a few weeks to a few months after surgery.

Will labiaplasty affect sensation or sexual pleasure?

For many women, labiaplasty can enhance sexual pleasure and satisfaction by reducing discomfort or self-consciousness related to enlarged or asymmetrical labia. While some temporary changes in sensation may occur during the healing process, most women report either no change or improved sexual function after labiaplasty.

What are some important things to consider before deciding on labiaplasty?

Before deciding on labiaplasty, women must carefully consider their motivations, expectations, and concerns. Additionally, patients should be aware of the potential risks and complications associated with labiaplasty and weigh these against the possible benefits.