What is a Drainless Tummy Tuck?

A drainless tummy tuck is a tummy tuck procedure that uses slightly different techniques in order to eliminate the need for a drain during the recovery process. Drains are often necessary after a traditional tummy tuck procedure to eliminate excess fluids. These drains can be uncomfortable and require emptying three times a day. With the drainless tummy tuck, patients enjoy a smoother recovery period without worrying about drains.

Who is a Candidate?

Those who are candidates for the traditional tummy tuck are usually candidates for a drainless tummy tuck as well. The tummy tuck is effective at eliminating excess hanging tissue in the abdominal area that is often present after pregnancy, weight loss, or with age. Patients might opt for a drainless tummy tuck if they want less post-operative discomfort, and less fooling around with drains hanging out of their belly.

The Procedure

The drainless tummy tuck procedure is similar to the traditional tummy tuck. The appropriate incisions are made, and the tissue is lifted and tightened to form a toned abdomen. Excess skin is removed, and the belly button is returned to its proper location. At the end of the traditional tummy tuck procedure, your surgeon would typically place a drainage tube or two beneath the skin to drain any collection of fluid. However, with the drainless tummy tuck, internal quilting sutures are used instead. These sutures are placed in the abdominal fat and muscle layers, eliminating the need for drains. These sutures then dissolve on their own.

Results and Recovery

The results of a drainless tummy tuck are just like the traditional tummy tuck, but you’ll likely enjoy them with less discomfort! You can expect a smoother recovery process without the hassle and discomfort of taking care of drainage tubes. Although you’ll still need the usual post-op visits, you won’t have to worry about going in to have drains removed.

To learn more about the drainless tummy tuck and to find out if you are a good candidate for the procedure, contact our office today. We can schedule your consultation with Dr. Homas to discuss your concerns.