One of the most common goals people have when they go to their dermatologist or plastic surgeon is to enhance their natural features. But what type of areas should you be looking for?

Best Areas to Enhance Your Natural Features:


1. Reverse Sagging Eyes

The first place people would think of when they think about enhancing their natural features is the eyes. The eyes are incredibly delicate, and if they are not taken care of, they can quickly start to sag, requiring surgery later on to correct the damage that has already been done. As we age, the skin around our eyes begins to lose elasticity. It is a normal part of aging that on with the proper care and products. Sagging skin is something you want to avoid at all costs because it can make seeing difficult and thus dangerous.

2. Reduce Fine Lines

Another common area people want to enhance is the fine lines around their mouth. These lines can make you look older and drag your face down. Fortunately, there is an easy way to get rid of these—and they are called dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid and are injected into the skin, typically through a small needle. The main goal of dermal fillers is to replace the volume in the skin, effectively filling in those deep lines that give you a tired and aged look.

3. Reshape Your Nose

Yet another common area people want to fix is their noses. As we age, the nose may start to appear larger and can be a source of insecurity for some. Choosing to enhance your natural features with a rhinoplasty can give you the features you desire. However, dermal fillers can also be used without having to go under the knife. A rhinoplasty requires a general anesthetic and can take hours, whereas dermal fillers are more temporary and are applied in just minutes at the office.

4. Build up the Jaw

The jaw is the frame of your face. A weak or too-narrow jaw can make your face look long and thin, making you look years older than you actually are. One can apply a dermal filler to the chin or jawline to give you a more desirable shape. It would help if you considered that this is not a procedure you want to do every year, but once every couple of years.

5. Reduce Facial Scars

People have a hard time living with scars, especially facial or acne scars. If they are in a visible area of your face, it can be tough to live with them, and you may not feel like yourself. Secret PRO, a skin revitalization treatment, can help reduce these scars and make them less noticeable. There are many different areas of your body that you can enhance to make you feel good about yourself and look fantastic. Knowing the available options will allow you to accomplish what you want without going under the knife.

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