Lip Implants in Alamo Heights, TX

New Image Plastic Surgery in San Antonio offers superior services to its patients in Alamo Heights and surrounding areas. Our center is headed by Dr. Dallas W. Homas, he ensures that each patient gets personal attention during the consultation. We work to understand your specific body concerns and desired cosmetic goals so that a personalized treatment plan can be developed to help you achieve all your aesthetic goals. Dr. Homas has been offering consistently beautiful results that appear natural.

You can choose from a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures at our San Antonio center including treatments for the enhancement of face, breast, or body. We use the latest cosmetic treatments and techniques to help you achieve your intended cosmetic goals.

With aging or genetics, your lips could become thin which affects the balance and harmony of your facial features. Even though there are dermal fillers which can help with augmenting your lips, they are a temporary solution which consumes your time and money with continuous follow-ups. One great surgical alternative offered at New Image Plastic Surgery is PermaLip implants.

What are PermaLip Implants?

These are silicone-based implants which are soft and tube-shaped so that they follow the natural contours of your lips. These implants are placed along the length of your lips and each implant used for the lower and upper lips is shaped differently. This difference in the implants is maintained to accommodate the difference in the length, feel, and plumpness of your lips so that you get the volume and symmetry you desire.

Are you a good candidate for PermaLip?

You can consider the PermaLip implants if you feel that your lips are thin, small, and reduce the balance of your face. If you have tried dermal fillers to correct your lips but want them to be plumper, you are a great candidate for the permanent PermaLip Implants.

What will your recovery and results be?

It is an invasive procedure which will require a few months for complete recovery. However, most of the pain and swelling will only last for a week. You can manage this with the prescribed medicines and cold compresses. Your results will be stunning and permanent allowing you to get natural-looking, fuller lips.

About Alamo Heights, TX

Alamo Heights is an affluent incorporated city which is surrounded by the city of San Antonio in Bexar County of Texas. It is part of the Greater San Antonio metropolitan area and a portion of the University of the Incarnate Word is located here. Alamo Heights is about 5 miles north of downtown San Antonio and it is completely surrounded by the city of San Antonio. Some of the attractions in Alamo Heights include the Alamo Quarry Market shopping center, Lincoln Heights Shopping Center, Quarry Village, H-E-B’s Central market and McNay Art Museum.

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