Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is a common plastic surgery procedure worldwide. Even though the surgery is extremely popular, there are numerous myths and misconceptions that people have about this procedure. Being informed is an important part of undergoing any procedure. Let’s look at myths regarding rhinoplasty surgery.


Most Common Rhinoplasty Myths

The most common misconceptions people believe about rhinoplasty include:

Myth 1. Only Women Get Rhinoplasty

It’s true that cosmetic surgery is often dominated by women. That does not mean men don’t get procedures. Rhinoplasty is both a medical and cosmetic surgery. Men may get it to fix breathing issues such as deviated septums. They may also get a nose job to feel better about their appearance and give themselves a boost of confidence.

Myth 2. Rhinoplasty Causes Breathing Issues

Some people think rhinoplasty cases problems with breathing through the nose. In fact, this surgery is commonly done to help with breathing. If it’s done properly, it should either improve or not change breathing at all afterward.

Myth 3. Rhinoplasty Is Excessively Painful

Rhinoplasty is like any surgery in that there will be discomfort. During surgery, there will be IV anesthesia, meaning you will be completely unconscious throughout the surgery. After surgery, your doctor will ensure you have any pain medications and aftercare you need to promote healing.

Myth 4. Rhinoplasty Won’t Look Natural

Worrying about how you’ll look after surgery is normal. The truth is rhinoplasty results can and do look natural. Skilled surgeons go with a conservative, tasteful approach, ensuring that your results balance well with your other facial features.

Myth 5. Anesthesia Is Unsafe

Anesthesia is used all over the world daily for surgeries. It is considered safe and has quite low risks of adverse reactions or side effects. Anesthesia helps the patient feel comfortable during their procedure and the doctor is able to operate without worry they’ll wake up early.

Myth 6. Rhinoplasty Is Covered By Insurance

Rhinoplasty can be both medical and cosmetic in nature. If it’s cosmetic, it’s probably not going to be covered. If it’s medically necessary, it may be covered at least partially. Patients have to check with their doctors and insurance providers for their individual costs.

Myth 7. Rhinoplasty Can Give You A Certain Celebrity’s Nose

Doctors do not want to make their patients look like someone else, no matter how famous. They want their patients to be the best version of themselves possible instead.

Myth 8. Any Plastic Surgeon Will Do

When choosing a plastic surgeon, it’s important to make an educated choice. A facial plastic surgeon has the necessary experience and specializes in facial surgeries. Other surgeons have different areas of expertise. While they could do the surgery, they may not deliver the same results. Surgery is important, so take the time to weigh all of your options first.

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