Breast augmentations with implants were introduced in the early ’60s. Since then, this procedure has evolved tremendously. When this type of cosmetic surgery evolved, surgeons used a silicone gel, which was in a rubber sac, or they used a water balloon. Technology has come a long way.

When a vast media scare was broadcasted in the early ’80s, companies that manufactured the implant products started to concentrate on better technologies; like the filler materials, the packaging, the shell coating, and the gel consistency. They needed to make higher quality products to prevent implant leakage. The outcome was the form-stable implant, which is also referred to as the gummy bear implant.

The newer types of implants (the form-stable types) and the standard silicone ones are what surgeons use now. Each type has its own advantages and potential issues. Today, breast augmentation is more advanced and is a safe alternative for individuals who want their bodies to feel and look more attractive. To know — what is the best implant type to get? – it is vital to understand the different kinds of products and their benefits and disadvantages.


What is the Typical Silicone Gel Like?

Typical silicone gel feels soft and plush and it feels exactly like breast tissue. This type of implant product requires a bigger incision for placement. However, many women and surgeons still prefer this implant type for its natural look and feel.

Form-Stable Gel Implants

The latest technological innovation in cosmetic surgery is the form-stable gel implant. This product puts patients’ minds at ease. They are manufactured with a truly consistent, solid gel that comes in diverse shapes and sizes. The name “Gummy Bear Implants” was given to these implants because they hold their cohesive consistency. They look more life-like, feel like real breasts, maintain their fullness, utilizing less material, and the issues with rupturing or leaking are not as common. That is great news for patients, as well as cosmetic surgeons. It is the largest breast implant revolution in years.

Disadvantages of Form-Stable Implants

The issue with the anatomic contour of the form-stable implants is that, if it is not in an upright position, it can look odd. Standard round ones rotate with ease and keep the same shape. When the form-stable implants rotate, the patient needs to have the surgeon rotate them back into their original place. That could mean another surgery for the patient.

To eliminate that issue, these implant products are manufactured with a textured coating, which adheres to the tissues. As well as helping with rotating issues, the texturizing might additionally stop some implant-connected problems; such as capsular contracture, which can cause the implants to harden. That could require another surgery to fix it if that happens.

Nonetheless, the textured covering can additionally cause the body to generate more fluid about the implant—and this is a likely reason for other kinds of problems, ones that are mainly problematic in the setting of elective enhancing surgical treatment.

The New Age Form-Stable Saline

Since implants were invented, most people preferred the softer gel implants. When patients were asked to hold a silicone gel implant in one hand and the form-stable saline implant in the other hand, most of them chose the standard version (the softer, more life-like kind).

The “Ideal Implant” was approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in 2014. The new form-stable implants are saline-based, designed products with more than one compartment. The many compartments allow the saline to move within the augmented breasts restricting movement within the shells. This means additional stability, regarding shape, and less chance of ruptures. The “Ideal Implant” is the only cosmetic surgery product that has many compartments, and that is the new age technology for breast enhancements today: controlled support.

Even though each type of implant will feel different, the “Ideal Implant” does provide a more life-like feel and look. It is somewhat firmer than silicone gel implants, however, it keeps its shape better, no matter how a woman moves. The breasts have a perkier look as well.

But its largest advantage is that the chance of rupturing is lower, which means that these breast enhancement products will not need any monitoring, and the chance of repeating surgery is lower too. In addition, the chance of complications is lower, so patients can feel more confident before and after surgery.

What is the Best Type of Breast Implant to Get?

Not every patient will select the same breast implants, however, each person ought to understand his or her choices. As technology improves, surgeons, grab hold of the new products to offer their patients the safest and most pleasant experience.

The main thing is to locate a board-certified surgeon who uses the newest breast implant products that are safer and of higher quality and approved by the FDA. Every patient should continuously think about their health and well-being, future aspects related to breast surgeries, safety, and probable issues, combined with the beautifying outcome. If you are thinking of getting a breast augmentation with implants, ensure you are aware of what it entails. You can start the conversation by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Homas or Dr. Brostrom at New Image Plastic Surgery to get more information.

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