Blepharoplasty, or eye lift, is a procedure that helps to remove excess skin and fat from the upper eyelids and the lower eyelids. People typically get this type of eyelid surgery for cosmetic reasons. In older people, this procedure may be done to help sagging upper eyelids that are blocking their vision. An eye lift will not remove crow’s feet or other facial wrinkles. 

The Blepharoplasty Process

The blepharoplasty process generally takes about two hours if both upper eyelids are being done. This surgery could take anyway between 4-6 hours if all four eyelids are being done. The procedure will be done with a local anesthetic injected around the eyes. Typically, the upper eyelids are done first. Dr. Homas will hide the scars in inconspicuous places, there will be some scarring but it will fade over time. 

Who is a Candidate?

Anyone that has issues with their eyelids is a potential candidate for this procedure. The best candidate is one that is in good health without any issues. It is always a good idea to get a consultation with a knowledgeable surgeon, like Dr. Homas. He will be able to tell you whether or not this procedure will help improve your eyelids. He can also make suggestions about any other surgery that you may want to have during this time.

After Blepharoplasty Surgery

You must have someone with you to drive you home after the surgery. It is also a good idea to have someone stay overnight with you. You will need to plan on staying home for several days after the procedure. You may experience dry eyes after the procedure for up to two weeks. Things that you will need to have in your home for your aftercare include:

• Small gauze pads

• Clean towels and washcloths

• Dr. Homas will prescribe pain medication.

• Ice pack

After about 5-7 days, you can go back to see Dr. Homas and have the stitches removed. He will let you know when you can return to your normal activities.

Schedule A Consultation

If you are interested in having a blepharoplasty procedure, please call Dr. Dallas Homas at New Image Plastic Surgery in San Antonio, TX. We offer a consultation appointment where we can look to see if you are a good candidate for this procedure. We can also give you more information on the surgery and the recovery process.

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When you think of plastic surgery in San Antonio, you probably don’t think of the eyelids, however, the eyes are an important feature that can go through unwanted changes with age. A blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, can rejuvenate your eyes, and have a huge effect on the overall appearance of your face! Keep reading to find out if you could benefit from blepharoplasty.

You look older or more tired than you feel

Are people always telling you that you look tired? Or do you see an older version of yourself than you’d like when you look in the mirror? The problem could be excess tissue causing drooping eyelids. Like the rest of your body, your eyelids can begin to show the effects of aging and start to sag. When this occurs around the eyes, it can be very noticeable! With a blepharoplasty procedure, a small amount of skin and tissue is removed from the upper and/or lower eyelids. The incision is then closed, tightening its appearance and leaving you looking more awake and rejuvenated. The procedure can also improve undereye puffiness that might be making you look tired or worn out.

Hanging tissue is obstructing your vision

For some individuals, hanging eyelid tissue can even obstruct their vision! Can you see better when gently lifting your upper eyelids? If so, you could benefit from a blepharoplasty procedure to remove skin and tissue that is significantly drooping. Because the procedure is improving your vision and not just for cosmetic purposes, your treatment might be covered by insurance.

You want to optimize another facial procedure

A blepharoplasty can put the finishing touches on your full-facial rejuvenation. If you’re already opting for a facelift to tighten the midface, or a brow lift, you might choose to have a blepharoplasty procedure at the same time. You can save time and money by choosing to have the procedures together.

To learn more about eyelid surgery and to find out how you can benefit, view our eyelid lift gallery and contact our office today. Dr. Homas can meet with you for an examination and discuss your concerns to determine if the procedure is right for you.

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